Christopher Baumer is a veteran of wars and white waters. You can find him somewhere in southern Oregon–he’s the one wandering the banks of the Rogue River, lost among the trees.

He holds an MFA from Oregon State University and his work is found/forthcoming in Atticus Review, Unbroken Journal, As You Were: The Military Review, and O-Dark-Thirty.

Beyond the written word, Christopher spent more than a decade in the United States Marine Corps Reserves where he earned the rank of Staff Sergeant before ending his service in order to focus on his family.

By day, he’s a fixer of broken things. By night, he’s a good-time seeker: he plays on a city-league softball team; he wrestles with his two young boys; he trail stomps and believes that evergreens are magical.

As a fan of the Oregon State Beavers, the Buffalo Bills, the New York Knicks, and the New York Mets, it is entirely possible that he is the most tortured sports fan in existence.


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