Still grinding.

It has been months since my last blog post.

In earlier years, that alone would have been reason enough for me to delete the site completely; not this time. When I started ordinaryGIANT, I did so knowing that I would be buried with school assignments, military duties, regular job obligations, and the arrival of my first child. I knew that there would be days, even weeks, where this blog went without updates. That’s okay. Eventually, I want to build this blog into a place where readers can come and interact with me, but for now simply having the framework up and waiting for me is enough.

The good news is that winter term is a day away from being over, and I will be only six courses away from graduating from Oregon State University. Despite all of the mixed advice that I have read on the subject of MFA programs, I am leaning more and more in favor of attending one. So much of being a writer is about experiencing a variety of things, developing an eye for unique details. I understand that one can accomplish that on their own, simply by living, but I believe that an MFA program – especially the one that tops my wish list, set in the Oregon Cascades where the landscape breathes inspiration for writers – would be a solid choice for where I am at with the business of arranging letters into words.

Spring break is upon us, and I hope to get some fresh reviews posted shortly. Come back soon for my thoughts on some stories from Burnt Tongues (edited primarily by Chuck Palahniuk), 20th Century Ghosts (a 2005 collection by Joe Hill), and Bark (the latest from Lorrie Moore).



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