I am published.

“They cannot scare me with their empty spaces; between stars – on stars where no human race is. I have it in me so much nearer home to scare myself with my own desert places.” – Robert Frost

It has been more than two months since I last wrote here. Why the delay?

I could claim that school has kept me busy, the full load of credit hours weighing heavy upon my back as I make the final crawl towards completing my degree, but you wouldn’t buy it. How busy does one have to be that they no longer have time to put together a few paragraphs?

I could blame the lack of posts here on the lack of sleep, or lack of free time, that I have had since my primary task became keeping my child (six months old!) healthy and breathing, but that would be a half-lie. I sleep fine. True, every thirty minutes, or every fifteen seconds, or every hour – we never really know, do we? – my son needs something from me, a bottle or a diaper change. Sometimes though, just as much, I need something from him. The little giggles that he makes when I tickle his ribs. The serious look he gets when I wiggle my fingers in front of him, his smaller fingers wrapping around my larger ones as he tries to understand this large world and how it all works. The weight of him, breathing deeply against my chest as he sleeps.

Really, I haven’t posted because I have been waiting for the publication of a story that I sent in to a literary magazine, a magazine that I can now share the name of because the latest issue is on the stands and my writing is in the pages.

Earlier this year, I wrote a short story about an experience that I had in Afghanistan, where I was deployed for most of 2011 with the Marine Corps. Terrified, I submitted the story to a literary journal called O-Dark-Thirty. After months of waiting – did they hate it, was it that bad, why haven’t they sent me a rejection of some sort? – they sent me an email. They liked it.

And now, I am pleased to announce that you can find my short story, titled “Shadows in the Night”, in the Fall 2014 issue of O-Dark-Thirty.

Check it out here and, if you are so inclined, please support the journal by subscribing or donating.

My view of the road that is described in "Shadows in the Night".

My view, in the daytime, of the road in Afghanistan that serves as the setting of “Shadows in the Night”.