I am ordinary; I am a GIANT

“We’re past the age of heroes and hero kings…Most of our lives are basically mundane and dull, and it’s up to the writer to find ways to make them interesting.” – John Updike

I am ordinary.

There are days that I feel like a GIANT, days where the lights are all green and I cruise through the hours uninterrupted. There are days where the gym is empty, save for me, and the weights fly from the ground and my muscles never tire. There are days where every stranger smiles, and my 6 foot 2 inch frame is just big enough to carry both my own weight and the gravity of the dreams and fascinations coursing through my head.

Still, even during the days in which I feel like a GIANT, I am ordinary.

I work, and enjoy it – most of the time.

I am in the military, one of the few places that can make one feel both ordinary and like a GIANT at the exact same time.

I go to school at Oregon State, even though I am into my third decade of life, because I always wanted to be able to impart upon my children the importance of an education. I hope that I am right, that the knowledge gained through a college experience will help me to no longer be ordinary, but instead become a GIANT.

I care for my family. A wife that supports me and understands (or at least tolerates) my eccentricities, and an infant that, without being able to crawl or speak, has me desperately searching for life’s answers so that once he can move and talk I will be able to steer him down the path that a GIANT – even if an ordinary one – should walk.

I cheer for my favorite teams, and become entirely too attached to them, considering that I am not a GIANT at all; I am just another ordinary man, another ordinary fan.

Like all of you, I lead a busy, dull, hectic, uneventful life that is dotted with enough significant moments to make me forget that a thousand years from now, nobody will know that I existed.

And because the days of hero kings are over, and because we need interesting in our ordinary lives, I write.

Somehow, if I knew that my words could live beyond me, I would forever feel like a GIANT.



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